Manicula is an artistic research format aimed at combining practices involving image and sound in relation with the themes of city, landscape and walking, with a calm drift that connects different urban spaces and territories in a common network.

Manicula consists in a collection of active listening and observation exercises aimed at investigating the acoustic and visual phenomena present in some parts of the city; the areas of activation of the practices are not declared, but indicated by reference symbol. The project is a kind of treasure hunt and it does not require the presence and mediation of a performer/artist/guide. Each individual decides how to undertake the search for symbols and how to use the available scores to investigate, on the one hand, the relationship between sound and space through the use of the body and, on the other hand, the observation of visual phenomena related to the movement of light and its interaction with surfaces/layouts of the city. Manicula also invites people to continue the exploration by enriching it with their own personal research. No specific knowledge or skills are required to try the proposed exercises.

Manicula is an open project that also includes live performances, workshop as well as a visual and textual journal that documents the research and the walking paths carried out in situ by the authors.


Ascolti Verticali – Le Serre

Bologna – IT

Walk and Workshop


OperaEstate Festival

Bassano del Grappa – IT




Forlì – IT

Talk, walk and workshop


Periferico Festival

Modena – IT

Talk, walk and workshop


RADICI | Teatro Binario

Cotignola – IT 

Talk, walk and workshop